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Let us help you build your organizational structure with expert contractor help.  All of our contractors are well trained and certified in the technical field and ready to assist you in building a strong infrastructure.  We have quality professionals, Help Desk Analyst, Desktop Technicians and Server professionsls, all well qualified and trained in their field.  Your IT operation will never run smoother, which will free you up to your everyday tasks.  Take some worry out of this part of your daily activities.  If you're looking to strengthen your IT talent, let CTEKSERVICES help.  We've got you covered. Do you have upcoming staffing needs? As your IT staffing partner, we want to understand your current and future IT initiatives. This insight, along with our industry and technical expertise, will enable us to help you proactively plan for your future IT needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our sales specialist who can help you achieve your future IT initiatives.

To learn more about how we can help meet your IT Staffing Services needs, Email us at: cts@ctekservices.com or Click Here to speak directly with an account manager.
Hard drive, CD or DVD Drive Installs: Custom Built Computers: Wireless Network Setup:
We can backup your existing data from your hard drive, replace the hard drive with a new and larger size of your choice and restore all data back on the new drive; and as a result, your system will run faster and smoother. In addition to hard drives, we can also replace or add a new CD or DVD drive in your system for faster and better performance. Get away from pre-built computers with all kinds of software you don't need? Let us custom build your system for you with only what you want in it. You decide on the software and hardware and we will build it to your specification. Memory, size of hard drive or processor speed can all be decided by you before the system is shipped. We can setup, install and connect two or more computers, laptops and printers to your existing home network or create a network for you. You can have wireless or hard wired, the choice is yours. All of our work is guaranteed and our prices are competitive with other computer services company in the Jacksonville area.

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